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Vmobile Success Story

Discover how Mylifepro by Vmobile changed her life from being a Corporate Accounts Manager to being a full-time mom and wife.

Marlon Ocampo

Dating Matador sa palengke, Construction worker, OFW
ngayon VMobile Millionaire!

Fenella Amarillo

Discover How Fenella Amarillo, a former Care Giver Working in Israel changed her life for the best... the VMobile way!

Why VMobile


I am Sheila Marie A. Pongcol, a Certified Vmobile Technoprenuer and a Team Flare Leader located here in Davao. I am Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate and a Registered Nurse by profession.

Yes you read it right, I’m not into sales! Basically, I don’t have any business background since the nature of my course is on medical field. But since the business is so simple, and the product is highly consumable, anybody can do this.

I joined VMobile simply because I see the potential of this business. Before joining, I researched the stability of the company, after thorough investigation, I confirmed that this is a legitimate business and I can safely say that this business will be operating 20 years or more from now.

Please feel free to gather information in our website. If you have questions, you can fillup our contact form and ASAP I will reply your inquiries.

God Bless and More Abundance and Prosperity to come!

vmobile faqs

vmobile mylife pro

1. What is an IDEAL BUSINESS for Everyone?

2. Why Choose to Market on Load Over other Products?


4. What are the 7 Ways to Earn in VMobile?

5. Who is the Owner of VMobile Technologies Inc.?

6. What are BENEFITS you can get after Subscription?

7. How much is the Subscription of VMobile?

8. How do you replenish your E-Wallet or Loadwallet?

9. How to Order VMobile Starter Kit?

10. Why join our team?

What is the IDEAL BUSINESS for Everyone?

- Requires No High Education

- Markets products or services that a lot of people NEED and WANT.

- Offers equal amount of opportunity.

- Provides leverage on PEOPLE and MONEY.

Why Choose to Market on Load Over other Products?

- Based on NTC: 88 million registered cellphone users

- 80% of the mobile phone subscribers are prepaid.

- We sent 1.3 billion "text" (SMS) messages daily:
(Texting Capital of the World)

- No Demos Needed! You are already using the products of VMobile

- Lalong dumadami araw araw ang mga cellphone user


- Started last April 29, 2008

- It is a legal company which operates on the 11th, 19th and 20th floor of Galleria Corporate Center in Ortigas, Philippines.

- Owned by Penta Capital, one of the Top Financing House in the Philippines.

- Produced 65+ Millionaires in just 4 years!

Who is the Owner of VMobile Technologies Inc.?

- Established since 1957 (Pentacapital Finace Corporation)

- Licensed by Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)

- Latest Invested Project - Manila MRT System

- Helps Big Companies in Financial matters like Cebu Pacific, Shell, ABS-CBN, Petron, San Miguel Corp. SM Prime, etc.
Source: Penta Capital Profile

What are BENEFITS you can get after Subscription?

Convenience - You can now load yourself using your existing cellphone and SIM card anytime and anywhere.

Discount - Get average 9% lifetime discount every time you consume regular prepaid loads.

Opportunity - By sharing VMOBILE to your friends, family and to other people, you will have an opportunity to earn an income.

How much is the Subscription of VMobile?

All business starts with an initial investment, and VMobile is no exception. The initial investment for VMOBILE is 4999 pesos.

The Technopreneur Pack is just our marketing tool given by VMobile to help us start our VMobile Business.

For as low as 4999 pesos you can now have a chance to earn 30,000 in 4 months, Asian Cruise good for 2 and Get your Dream Car For Free!

How do you replenish your E-Wallet or Loadwallet?

1. VMobile Office
2. Other VMobile Members
3. G-Cash or Smart Money
4. Deposit Thru Banks
5. Conversion of Earnings to E-Wallet Load

You may ask: "If I pay Php4,999 for the package,is the E-Wallet has already Php4,999 fund?"
No. You can initially Buy your Loadwallet for a minimum 300 pesos or 500 pesos if bank transaction.

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